Ostomy Basics

Having colostomy surgery regardless of age is often very dreadful for most patients. However, it can dramatically increase the patient's survival, quality of life and even confidence if managed properly.

There are three main Ostomy procedures that most of the readers might have undergone. Colostomy, Ileostomy, and Urostomy. We have tackled each surgery procedure in greater detail individually for your convenience.

The "Ostomy" term

Ostomy means "opening" in the body's surface that is made through surgical procedure under sterile condition. Colostomy, then would mean a surgically created opening of the colon (or the large intestine). Ileostomy would mean an opening of the small intestine (ileum). And in like manner, a urostomy is an artificial opening for the urinary system.

The Purpose

An ostomy procedure is performed to let the traumatized part of the colon or ileum rest or heal. Some associated disorders are cancer, IBD or (inflammatory bowel disease), bowel obstruction and traumatic injury.

Temporary Vs. Permanent

An ostomy surgery may be temporary or permanent. It all depends on the purpose of the operation. If a part of a colon is removed as in the case of colon cancer, a temporary colostomy may be done. Permanent colostomies are done if the distant bowel must be removed or inoperable as in
colorectal cancer.

Having an ostomy may be dreadful and you don't have to love it. You just have to deal with it effectively. If you do, trust me, you will forget you're wearing one for the most time.

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