Pre-Colostomy Surgery

A patient before colostomy surgery may have lots of fears and concerns. Thus, it is useful to inform and educate the patient as well as the significant others about the expectations, necessary preparations and resources during the pre-colostomy phase.
Physical Preparation

Physical preparation for surgery may involve building the patient's stamina several days before the surgery and cleansing the colon the day prior to the procedure.
Pre-Colostomy Diet

If the client's condition permits, the nurse may recommend a diet high in calories, protein, carbohydrates and in low residue to provide adequate nutrition and minimize cramping by increasing peristatsis. Some good sources of these essential nutrients are fats, meats and pasta or rice.
Consultation with the Doctor

It is vital to let the physician know about maintenance medications that the patient currently taking so as to make necessary adjustments to intra-operative and post-operative meds.

It will also help a lot if the patient will let the surgeon know what part of the abdomen he/she would like the colostomy to be placed. This is the patient's right and must be taken consideration by the surgeon according to the patient's condition and tolerance.
Bowel Preparation before Colostomy

A day or two before the surgery, the surgeon usually orders a bowel prep to cleanse the colon. You can expect enemas and 8-hour (or more) fasting to be advised. Usually, the nurse will walk the patient through this and it is very important to follow the instructions very carefully so as not to postpone the surgical procedure.

We hope this article gave you information about what to expect before a colostomy surgery.