Double Barrel Colostomy

 The double-barrel colostomy (double barrel transverse colostomy) rarely is performed today. In this surgery, the bowel is completely divided resulting in two stomas on the abdominal wall.  Both ends of the bowel are brought through the abdomen to the skin surface as two separate sections. The proximal stoma is functional and […] Read more »

Urostomy Surgery

When an artificial opening (stoma) is created surgically for the urinary system it is called a urostomy.  This procedure is indicated when drainage of urine from the bladder is not possible through the urethra or when the bladder has been removed.  The need for a urostomy can be caused by […] Read more »

Temporary Colostomy

Temporary Colostomy is usually indicated for patients who have recently been into abdominal surgery because of trauma, damage, or other disease conditions that requires the Gastrointestinal tract to be rested for a while. Surgeons follow the usual types of colostomies to certain patients who need it the most. The stoma where the stool will exit […] Read more »

Ileostomy Surgery

An ileostomy is a surgically created opening in the abdominal wall. The end of the ileum (the lowest portion of the small intestine) is brought through the abdominal wall to form a stoma, usually on the lower right side of the abdomen. When you look at your stoma, you are […] Read more »

Pre-Colostomy Surgery

A patient before colostomy surgery may have lots of fears and concerns. Thus, it is useful to inform and educate the patient as well as the significant others about the expectations, necessary preparations and resources during the pre-colostomy phase. Physical Preparation Physical preparation for surgery may involve building the patient's […] Read more »


        Post-operative colostomy patients who have undergone colostomy procedure are most of the time anxious about their present condition, lifestyle changes, and the physical newness of their body image. It is therefore vital to keep a positive outlook and be optimistic about the incoming post-operative weeks.         Immediately after waking up, post colostomy patients will notice that they will […] Read more »

Colostomy Surgery

A colostomy surgery is a lifesaving surgery that enables a person to enjoy a full range of activities, including traveling, sports, family life and work, even though they have a stoma and may wear a pouching system. Colostomy surgery is performed for many different diseases and conditions. Somecolostomies are done because […] Read more »

Ostomy Surgeries


Ostomy surgery is performed when a person has lost normal physiologic function of the bowel or the bladder. It is often indicated for patients with birth defects, trauma to the bowel or bladder, injury, or disease conditions. Ostomy surgeries yield beneficial effects to those patients who have ulcerative colitis, crohn's […] Read more »