Colostomy Irrigation

Colostomy Irrigation is a procedure to regulate bowel movement of patients with colostomy at a scheduled time. This process involves infusing water into the colon which stimulates colon emptying. By using this procedure, a colostomy patient can have the independence of postponing or advancing bowel movement a desired time and place.

If you will, it is like an anal enema only done on a stoma. That's how to put it simply.

This procedure can be done every day, every other day, or every three days depending on the body's response to colostomy irrigation. Furthermore, this is usually a personal decision on the part of the patient. Though worthy or trying for every patient, doctor's advise is pretty much valued.

Who can have Ostomy Irrigation?

Patients with permanent colostomy or those who have descending colon or sigmoid colon colostomies are good candidates for colostomy irrigation. The formation of stools play a vital role in having irrigation, the conditions mentioned above generally have more formed stools than any other colostomies.

Ileostomy patients and urostomy patients cannot irrigate.

When is the best time to have colostomy irrigation?

ET nurses recommend having this procedure one to two hours after a meal. This is a strategic time since the colon is fuller thus optimizing the irrigation.

Where to do the irrigation procedure?

With proper guidance, you can do this procedure at the comfort of your own bathroom at your own pace. As the procedure usually takes 45-60 minutes, you will have the luxury of moving around the house until the bag that holds the excretions fill up.

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