Colostomy Surgery

A colostomy surgery is a lifesaving surgery that enables a person to enjoy a full range of activities, including traveling, sports, family life and work, even though they have a stoma and may wear a pouching system.

Colostomy surgery is performed for many different diseases and conditions. Somecolostomies are done because of malignancy (cancer). In children, they may be created because of birth defects. Colostomies can be temporary or permanent. Some colostomies appear large, others small. Some are on the left side of the abdomen, some are on the right, and some in the middle.

Think of your colostomy’s function as you do of a natural bowel movement. You still have the same bowel, just less of it. The real change is having a bowel movement from an opening made in the abdomen. Learning how to care for your colostomy will help you adjust.

There are several ways to take care of your colostomy. As colostomies differ, so does taking care of them . Discuss ideas  with a physician or WOC(ET) nurse, hereinafter referred to as ostomy nurse, then  adapt them to your situation.

There are many ways to gain a greater understanding of your life with a colostomy. This guide will give you helpful facts. Your physician, ostomy nurse, or other nurses are important sources of information and support. A special source of help with your adjustment is an ostomy visitor. The visitor is a person who has had colostomy surgery. He or she is well qualified to answer your questions and share tips on living with an ostomy.

Colostomy Support Group

Taking part in an ostomy support group may also help. A colostomy support group allows you to share your feelings and ask questions. It also allows you to share your successful adjustment with others who may need the benefit of your experience. If you would like to see a visitor or take part in a support group, ask the physician, ostomy nurse, or other nurses. Article Source: