Crohn's With Ostomy Diet

An Experienced NURSE comes up with a Colostomy/Ileostomy Diet Guide for Crohn's Disease Patients.


"Scientifically Proven,  Easy to Follow Ostomy Patient's Diet Guide That Works  Without The Use of Expensive Meds or The Hassle of Costly Doctor and Nutritionist Fees..."


Discover how you can control your Ostomy through This Diet Plan, boost your Confidence, and keep yourself Healthy while doing it.



"This book will change your outlook on your colostomy. Up until now, I couldnt find anything like it anywhere. Jake's tips on colostomy diet and nutrition are on the dot. He backed it up with his own experiences as a Nurse which makes it a MUST-HAVE for everyone who has Crohn's Disease with Colostomy, Ileostomy or Urostomy."

- Mike Arentsen, Ileostomy Patient

Stockton, California

December 8 2016

From: Jake Bongayan, BSN, RN

Dear Ostomy Patient,

If you’ve found this site then you are probably looking for a great Crohns with Colostomy Diet & Nutrition Guide and may have already heard about my book. Most likely, you’ve read about Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide somewhere on the internet and are curious about what this book is all about and who wrote it and if it is effective.

Well, let me be right up front with you, My name is Jake Bongayan,BSN,RN and I wrote Crohns with Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide to extend a helping hand to people for them to understand and appreciate that having a colostomy is a very manageable condition. Now before we continue, I would like to assure you, the information in this book has been backed by prestigious and highly recognized Ostomy Groups and associations around North America and Asia as well.

You will not be reading crappy articles cramping up a book. This will simply change the way you cope with your Ostomy and save you money while making you healthy.

Im betting you have the following reasons why you are looking for a diet and nutrition guide:


⊗You want to know your appropriate Crohn's with Colostomy Diet

⊗ You are looking for ways to enjoy again your favorite foods

⊗You want to know more about what foods you can and cannot eat

⊗ You want to save money on consulting fees

⊗You feel the need to know more about your stoma

⊗You are looking for an alternative stoma advise

⊗You are looking for a diet solution that lessens discomfort


If among other reasons, you came here because of the above, congratulations! you came to the right place. In the practice of my profession as a young and active nurse, I'll be the first one to say that you can still live with an ostomy without any advise or guide.

At least for a very short while.

A recent study by the University of Chicago show that people who manage their own disease without frequent doctor and nutritionist advice are 70% more prone to depression than people who are guided accordingly. Any competent doctor would tell you that depression is a Danger sign in any longterm condition such as colostomy.

Trust me, you do not need depression in your life. You need to enjoy yourself and live your life to the fullest! And that's what The Crohns with Colostomy Patient's Diet and Nutrition Guide will do to you. It outlines the real reason behind the optimal use of Diet and Nutrition to manage colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy.

In fact, I wrote this book with simplicity in mind for you to easily "enjoy the flow" of the meal plan and not "follow" it like what a restrictive diet does. It flows to your system perfectly allowing you to enjoy meals you love before surgery, build and boost your confidence, save you money, and most of all, Manage your Colostomy Effectively.


This Is What I Was Looking For a Long
Jake,I had Crohn's Disease for 5 years already.
Had a colostomy surgery after 2 years and 5 months and its a shame I just recently found
your ebook.

With "The Crohn's with Colostomy Patient's Diet
Guide" I was able to completely manage my Colostomy through the foods i eat.
Now I eat my favorite foods from my favorite
restaurant again. Its amazing! Never knew I could eat them again.

I was also feel physically better than I ever
have before. No more awkward moment when meeting someone.

I printed the book to share to my local
colostomy support group.
Highly Recommended!

Thanks again!


- Sean Derricks
(PhD candidate, Miami, FL)



Let me start. I love food. But after Crohn's
got into me 2 years ago and had a colostomy
surgery after 13 months, I was devastated. I
thought I could not eat my favorite foods
anymore, go and face people. But I found
"The Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide".
A Life-saver!

Last Sunday, April. 12th, marked my 4th month
under the diet plan And I cant believe how good
I feel for my self. Im confident about the food
I eat, I go out with my old friends now.

I'm very happy with the outcome. Thank you.

P.S. The Bonus recipes are great! I tried 4
recipes already and very satisfied with each of

-Ashley Howard

Kildare, Ireland

You see, I spent my whole student and professional life handling Ostomy patients. I earned an honors degree from one of the top nursing schools in the country, and I have taken a rather academic and experience-wise approach in writing this book.

For starters, I was a consistent dean's lister and graduated in the above 15% of my batch. So I know all angles of classic and academic based approach to managing colostomy.

Now here's where we get interesting. After I graduated, i dedicated my time and effort in to work in a hospital specializing in ostomy surgeries.

I was exposed in the Operating room where i assisted the operation for colostomy patient, in the admitting section where the symptoms are analyzed and a definitive dignosis is made about whether to go for an Ostomy Surgery or other treatment options.

In the hospital wards where I have the opportunity of talking and caring for patients and know their needs and wants from pain medications to ice cream cravings.

I even had the pleasure of working on the consultation area where I give patients like you advice, tips and even recipes to manage colostomy effectively through diet and nutrition.

I know my Ostomy. That's for sure.

Whether your suffering from colitis, crohn's disease, colon cancer, IBD or among other conditions, your GI tract needs to recuperate as you need to be healthy. This is where The Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide will help you.

If you have an Ostomy, irregardless of your disease condition, The Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide will make your life easier!

You can now imagine experience and academic background is put into a definitive book for ostomy patients.

I paid thousands of dollars in education and affiliation with hospitals and countless hours in experience to write this book. And you'll be getting it for less than 5% less than what I spent!
Ready to Get Started Already?

Aside from being a Nurse, a Nutrition Specialist and a Care professional, I am also an athlete. I played and competed basketball and soccer in highschool in city-wide leagues.

In fact, I was a health junkie all my life. I go the the gym regularly, go scuba diving every chance I get, and to top it all off, Im an avid eater myself. I eat what I like to eat while keeping healthy.

As you can see, my background is pretty unique. How many people in the whole world would do summarize everything he knows from the academics, nutrition and experience into a book for colostomy patients?

I may very well be the person with the knowledge, skills, attitude and the technical know-how to offer you this book in the most convenient form.

The Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide is all you need to manage your Colostomy Diet. You will not need anything more than this book so consider this the last diet book youll ever need.

Here are some benefits The Colostomy Patient's Diet can give you:

Know your Food like an expert. You will be able to know the effects of the food you are taking to your Colostomy. This is according to long time colostomy patients and is confirmed by Ostomy Associations in North America and Asia.

Save Hundreds of Dollars every month. You will save money and get away from expensive medicines and costly doctor and nutritionist visits. This book includes the advise you wont otherwise get anywhere else.

Feel Independent. You can once again manage yourself and feel you are in control of everything.

Learn how to Control Your Stool Output. Preparing for a special ocassion? Learn how to control stool output and keep the smell down for everytime you want to.

Be able to eat your favorite foods with no restrictions. eat at your favorite restaurant again and enjoy quality time with your friends and family.

Keep an Easy to Follow Diet Meal Plan. You will learn the ultimate must-knows of how a healthy meal for colostomy patients.

Colostomy Diet Tips and Tricks. Know what type of foods will benefit you at particular times of the day, the much needed information on meats, fruits, and other types of food.

Be an Expert of your Vitamins and Mineral needs. The necessary vitamins and minerals are outlined along with sources of foods.

 Keep an active lifestyle. After reading this book, you will gain insights and knowledge on how to manage colostomy effectively enabling you to feel active and be active.

Feel Confident. With the much needed experience-based information, you will feel confident about yourself.

Know Potencial Colostomy Problems and How to Solve Them. Most common colostomy problems are enumerated and convenient home remedies are included.

Be the Master Manager of your Colostomy.

Be Healthy. This book is geared towards offering a healthy, effective and all in one package for your colostomy management.

BONUS Ostomy Recipes. As a bonus gift, you will receive healthy Colostomy Recipes.

Hey Jake!

I had colostomy since I was 16 (im now 54) and
I thought I would never need any guides as I
thought I knew everything about my Colostomy.
Thanks to my friend michelle, she introduced me to your book and I got a lot of insights and information I cant otherwise get from

Your Experience really shows in the book. It
was really helpful. Money well spent on my

P.S. I run a blog about colostomy and will recommend it to my readers and other bloggers as well.

 Thanks again!

-Jason Beals
Author, The Colostomy Blog


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I have no doubt that with this book, any Ostomy patient will find it easier to cope with the condition that they are having. Diet and Nutrition is a better way of preventing rather than treating.

Once you start reading this book, you will never feel the need to find any other guide for your Colostomy Diet. And that's a promise I can and will keep for you.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Jake Bongayan, BSN,RN

Author, The Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide

P.S. The Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide is 6,000+ words and summarized into 30 pages of rich and useful content, bullet and table enhanced information. If you want to read an easy to use, convenient and down-right simple Crohn's with Colostomy Guide book, then this book is for you. 

P.P.S. If you aren't completely impressed by the incredible simplicity of the information within The Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide, just let me know and I'll refund your order. I’ll give you 90 full days to read through the book. If for some reason you don’t think I’ve done an acceptable job of reviewing the research behind Colostomy Management and how this book can help you, then please email me for your complete refund. Your reader satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

P.P.P.S. You will start to see results of the benefits listed above among others on the first day upon purchasing this book.

P.P.P.P.S. The Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide is an E-book for one reason and one reason only - To keep big publishing companies from forcing me to makeit more main stream and less controversial. Every word in this book is my interpretation of the scientific research without any hidden agendas or special interests. It is written exactly the way I want you to read it. No editing, No compromises.

Special Reminder:The Colostomy Patient's Diet Guide is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus recipes onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.