Types of Colostomies

There are three different types of Colostomy procedures namely: Ascending Colostomy, Transverse Colostomy and Descending Colostomy. As you might have noticed, they are named after the anatomical origin of the ostomy (surgical opening where the sto ma is located).

Choosing the right type of colostomy is the physician's call while taking into considerations the condition of the patient, the degree of trauma and the progression of disease among other factors.

Ascending Colostomy

- Is found in the right side of the abdomen. This is the least common of the three types of colostomies. Stool and excreta from this type is more liquid in characteristic as the it is not yet well formed and liquids are not yet absorbed fully.

Transverse Colostomy

- Is found in the upper-middle part of the abdomen. The stool from this type ranges from liquid to semi-formed. This is the second most common type following Descending Colostomy.

Descending Colostomy

- Is found in the lower left part of the abdomen. Stool from this type ranges from semi-formed to fully formed as it has already past the ascending and transverse part. This is the most common colostomy.