Low Fiber Colostomy Diet

This Colostomy Diet Menu Guide is made for patient who are on colostomy or ileostomy diet. It is generally composed of a low fiber diet and is intended to rest the gastrointestinal tract for duration of weeks to months, some even are permanent.

So, what really is a low fiber diet for Colostomy Patients?

Simply put, a low fiber diet is a modified diet that generally takes off excess roughage and bulk in a normal person's diet. This includes much of fruits, vegetables, brans, cereals and whole wheat breads.

But isn't this a violation of a normal Colostomy Nutrition?

No, its not. You just have to take in small to moderate amounts of fiber to be able to carry out our goal of lessening the chances of getting an obstruction of the stoma, complicating a colostomy or ileostomy surgery, or adding damage to a previously traumayized GI tract.

When does my low fiber colostomy diet start?

This will start as soon as peristaltic movement of the stomach will be confirmed by your doctor or your ET nurse a couple of days after surgery.

Here's an Example of a low fiber diet




canned peaches 1/2 cup

skim milk 1/2 cup

white toast 1 slice

margarine 1tsp

decaffeinated tea 1 cup

lemon juice 1 tsp

sugar 2 tsp

baked chicken breast 3oz

steamed white rice 1/2 cup

cooked carrots 1/2 cup

low-fat vanilla yogurt 1/2 cup

margarine 1 tsp

decaffeinated coffee 1 cup

skim milk 1/2 cup

sugar 1 tsp

salt 1/8 tsp

chicken noodle soup 1/2 cup

saltines 2

sandwich 1/2
white bread 1 slice
creamy peanut butter 1 Tbsp
jelly 1 Tbsp

applesauce 1/2 cup

decaffeinated tea 1 cup

lemon juice 1/2 cup

This Colostomy Menu Diet would give

Calories Protein Carbohydrate Fat Sodium Potassium Fiber
1065 54gm 151gm 29gm 1662mg 1512mg 9gm