Ostomy Care

Ostomy Care should always be a skill that all ostomy patients must come to know by heart. Usually, prior to discharge from the hospital, the ET nurse will give out health teachings and care guidelines for the patient to follow. It is vital for patients to understand and assimilate this information as this would serve as the base guide for future ostomy care.

There's a catch here though:

Caring for your colostomy and ileostomy is an individualized approach. One method cannot work 100% perfectly for someone else. This is very important aspect in ostomy care as each patient will take around 2 weeks to be accustomed with his stoma. This rule does not exclude urostomy care.

How clean do I wanna get my ostomy care?

Caring for your stoma does not require sterile technique. In the first place, anything outside your body cannot possibly be sterile; even on surgery, the prepped surgical site is not 100% sterile because the human body can only withstand quite low teperature to kill all the bacteria which calls out body home.

Generally, you only need a clean technique. It means you dont need to wear surgical gloves, your ordinary clean gloves will do just fine. Just make sure you wash your hands before and after each ostomy care.

How often should I change ostomy supplies?

It depends on the type of stoma, the location of the stoma, and the kind of drainage from the stoma. As you may know already, there are three basic types of ostomies. Urostomies are for urine, colostomies are for drainage of the large bowel and ileostomies are for drainage of the small bowel. Using the right type of pouching system and putting it on the right way will also affect how long you can wear it. Wear time may be affected by other factors such as activity level, body shape, and perspiration.

Your pouching system will is also considered when it comes to frequency. There are colostomy bags that are intended to last for three to five days while others are to be changed every single day. It is important therefore to read the instructions before actually using your ostomy supplies.

When is a good time to change Ostomy Supplies?

Changing of ostomy supplies is, again, based on individual preference. Some people change during bath times and some of our clients change at the end of the day. As from experience, I would tell my patients to change Ostomy supplies during the start of the day. This way, when the stoma drainage is at most after meals, you will not be disturbed to change colostomy supplies while at work.

Again, pick a time that that suits your schedule well and something that youre comfortable dealing with.

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