Ostomy Diet

Ostomy diet is one of the most overlooked diets in the medical industry. People often have the misconception of foregoing its importance to the patients who are the ones who truly feel its value.

            We purposely divided the Ostomy Diet into two distinct parts so patients of either condition can rely on its specificity and effectivity. There is a slight difference between the two but we deemed in necessary so as to make it easier for readers to navigate through the pages. If you want to see a definitive Ostomy Diet Guide to manage your Stoma, Click here.

Colostomy Diet / J pouch Diet

is for patients who are now on Post-Colostomy Surgery state. Only a part of the colon is removed from this surgery thus the name "Colo-Stomy" which in leimans term, abdominal stoma from the colon. Stool appearance is more formed compared to that of the ileostomy diet. This diet can be taken usually 2 weeks after surgery or as soon as peristaltic movement of the GI tract is confirmed by the doctor. This is a type of Ostomy diet that needs lesser care and are prone to mild to moderate type of complication. Just a quick added note, some patients call this one as j pouch diet which can be misleading at times. So you now know when not to use the term jpouch diet.

 Ileostomy Diet

 on the other hand, is for patients who are on Post-Ileostomy Surgery. The whole colon is rested or removed. The stoma is more right sided and stool is more liquid in appearance than in colostomy diet. Same as the above, the physician confirms when this diet can be started as tolerated by the patient. This type of Ostomy Diet is more complicated and requires more care as ileostomy is prone to more adverse reactions.

            Ostomy Diet can be managed properly if the right advise is followed. Please take note about the doctor's advise as no individual diet is right for every patient at any time. To manage your own colostomy, you need to be more keen to your foods from now on.

            If you have anything to ask about, please do not hesitate to contact anyone from the Colostomy Central Staff  through our contact form and we would be very glad to extend a helping hand on your colostomy diet, ileostomy diet, and urostomy diet.

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