Ostomy Wound Care

Ostomy wound care is basically the cleaning of the area around the stoma whether it be a colostomy, ileostomy or a urostomy. These are three different kinds of stoma but the principle behind cleaning and caring for them is basically the same.

So we begin:

How to remove the old colostomy bag or j pouch?

At first, this procedure is very tricky and some patients might have some trouble with ostomy supplies getting entangled with each other but its all part of the experience if you ask me. As you go along, you will find ostomy wound care as easy as brushing your teeth.

Removing the colostomy bag from the stoma is a rather delicate process. You must be careful not to be abrupt in taking ostomy supplies off. For easier removal, use the direction of the hair growth if there is hair underneath your stoma.

Start removing the edges of the top of the j pouch (pouching system) carefully with one hand while pushing the skin near the edge of the pouch with the other hand. Work your way downwards as you progress.

Some people use colostomy products like an adhesive specifically for sticking the pouching system on the skin. If this is your case, use an adhesive remover to make this process a bit easier for you. Please do take note that if you use an adhesive remover, it is very important to wash them with soap and water before you attach a new colostomy bag. These products are notoriously irritating to the skin if left on.

After you're done with ostomy wound care, it is very important to keep the area around the stoma dry to keep the bacteria from making your stoma their home sweet home.