Transverse Colostomy Care

The discharge from the transverse colostomy is semi-solid, unpredictable and contains some digestive enzymes. The management of the transverse colostomy consists of skin protection and a drainable pouch. A closed-end pouch can be used for convenience during special activities.

Skin irritation can usually be prevented by having a correctly fitted pouch and by using peristomal skin protection. The consistency of stool is influenced to some extent by what you eat. Gas and odor are part of the digestive process and can be somewhat controlled by yourselection of foods. Certain foods tend to produce more gas and odor (i.e., onions, beans, cabbage, broccoli, eggs, fish).

Emptying the pouch several times a day reduces the risk of leakage and bulges underneath your clothing. A one-piece pouch should not be changed more than once a day to prevent skin irritation. A two-piece pouch (wafer/pouch) should be changed every three to five days.

This was a UOAA recommended Transverse Colostomy Care procedure to be followed for all patients with thsi type of colostomy. Please do bear in mind that the this website does not substitute the doctor's advise. Any clarifications must be verified by your own physician. (colostomy care procedure credit goes to UOAA