Types of Pouching Systems

Ostomy Supplies have two variants: a one piece and a two piece system. These two variants include also two things to be complete: one, is your wafer which is also called skin barrier or faceplate. The pouch that is then going to be attached to the abdomen to collect the drainage of your GI tract or bladder (for urostomies). The wafer functions to protect the skin from being soiled with stool or urine and is made with materials that tend to compliment the skin to keep it from being irritated.

Colostomy & Ileostomy Pouch Supply

Closed end pouches are most commonly used by colostomates who can irrigate or by patients who have regular elimination patterns these kinds of colostomy pouches are only good for one usage and then thrown away right after. Open-ended pouches, requiring a closing device (traditionally a clamp or tail clip); or closed and sealed at the bottom. These kinds can be used more than once.

Both two-piece and one-piece pouches can be either drainable or closed.

Among these, there are also a number of styles of pouching systems that can be used to supplement these ostomy supplies. For example, there are fairly rigid and very flexible pouches and also those that are convex and flats. There are barriers with and without adhesive backing and with and without a perimeter of tape. The decision is yours to make to be able to just make it a There is no right or wrong choice, but each person must find the system that performs best for him or her.

If you are having any problems with any of your colostomy supplies, contact your ET nurse and let her know whats the problem. It might just be the method of using, or plainly just the supply itself. She's be more than happy to assist you.